By looking at what has been proposed before, from a symbolic and technical perspective, one can begin to understand how we arrived at the latest proposals being touted by the Government of Nicaragua and its newest round of public-partnerships to build the project. For example, one of the proposals has sought to partner with a Korean firm to build up the Port near the beginning of the canal in the Caribbean Sea, which over time has proven to be one the most problematic pieces of the canal process, either because of technical capabilities or political stability. By starting with that piece, the Nicaraguan government is hoping to dispel the idea that the project is once again just another imaginary exercise that will not come true.

Port Upgrades

Part of the modern proposals involve incremental improvements to the ports and infrastructure of the country in order accomodate a future canal.


Meanwhile, in 2012 a Chinese firm formed the Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal Development Group, which was officially granted the rights to explore the feasibility and ultimately build the links to connect the canal project. So far the main proposal and alternatives for this latest vision has not only taken advantage of the many, many surveys, reports, and studies taken over the decades, but also the pitfalls of not understanding the environmental and social impacts the project may have.

As such, HKND has done some focus groups, social assessments, environmental impact assessments, and technical feasibility studies to understand the possibilities and limitations of their proposals. Of course, these latest round of studies and attempts to connect the work with those impacted may or may not be sincere and perhaps even just a way to signal to the neoliberal interests that the project checks all the major marks as a modern development venture and as such it is worthy of investment, speculation, and additional capital.

For more, please visit HKND's website.*

*Please note that as of 5/7/2018 the website was down.

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